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Starting with the purchase of two bred females, the Sisters Margarita and Jam, Double E Kennel came to life. Since then, we have participated in dog races such as; Yukon Quest, Tug 150, Northern Lights, Cooper Basin, including racing and finishing in the Iditarod two times going on his third in 2017! Caring for our dogs is one of the things we are known for, being only one of 4 other Kennels in the history of the Iditarod to finish with the same intact team of dogs we started with! That is truly a feat! Double E Kennel has been built with a lot of joy & tears, hard work, long nights, countless feedings along with general dog care, vet care and preparing for races. Today the Kennel has 38 strong, good looking and powerful dogs all from championship blood lines.

About Double E kennel

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce ourselves and tell a small part of our story. We are Alan and Tanjala Eischens, owners and operators of Double E Kennel. Alan was born in Minnesota, and raised in Adak in the Aleutian Islands. He always had a dream of racing a dog sled team of his own. Our story together started over 7 years ago. We met and soon became the best of friends. Tanjala, a resident of Missouri, came up to Alaska for a visit in August, then came back for another visit in October! Tanjala moved to Alaska the following summer and we haven’t been apart since. Well, except for dog sled races! Double E Kennel was born after being involved with the Iditarod, being a head checker for the Tustamena 200 for years, and during this we always wanting to run a team ourselves. That lifelong dream came true in 2011. Opportunity came knocking, we answered, ran with it and are still running with it! Alan is the first person in the history of the Iditarod to cross the Nome finish line with all 16 of his dogs two years in a row.

Welcome to our Double E Kennel, where no one is a stranger.

Alan & Tanjala Eischens
Double E Kennel, Owners & Operators

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Iditarod Time..... we have been asked again this year if one can sponsor one of our dogs during the race.... Of COURSE.... all of our dogs love to have someone sponsor them. We have several new faces with the team this year. Here is the list:

Lead Dogs: $250.00
Margarita- Kathy Vincent
Miss Anne-
Cheerio - Bobbie Schrenker Kosanovich

Swing Dogs: $200.00
1/2 Pint-
Snicklefritz- Tina Dotson Gunnel-Day
Ava Peal-
Clarra Lea-

Team and Wheel Dogs: $150.00
Dr. J- Gary and Lynda

Checkpoints are available for sponsorship this year for $300.00. In sponsoring the checkpoints, this will give us the opportunity to talk with children, parents, grandparents and families about Pediatric Disease and Cancer.

Finger Lake
Rainy Pass
Eagle Island
White Mountain

Once again this year, we will be carrying a special person with us. Clarra Lea is one of our special children that has went on before any of us. She is our guardian Angel and will be traveling the miles with the team.

If you are interested in sponsoring any of the dogs or checkpoints, please send us a PM.

Thanks to everyone for all your love and support. We look forward to running a great race this year. Plans are to do another year of bringing all 16 across the finish line.

Alan and team

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Once again, it is that time of year, when the Yukon Quest just finished and the Iditarod is getting ready to start. We want to say a BIG thanks to Sevi for running our A team in the Quest. We couldn't be prouder, as he did exactly what he was suppose to do. We look forward to working with him again this next season. Thanks to all of his fans for supporting him and his journey. ...

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Remedy and Al and Iditarod Friendship